Options to Suit Your Needs 


We offer several different membership categories and options built to suit your individual, family or corporate needs. Whether it’s a social membership with access to all the facilities and dining options, or a full golf membership, we can tailor a package that grants the access you desire.


Privileges include access to all club and social events as well as all dining options on the property. Pool and tennis are included as are discounts for kids lesson programs. Golf is available with paid greens fees.

  • Individual Social: $105/month. (Food minimum $250 Semi-annual)
  • Junior Individual: $95/month (under age 36). (Food minimum $250 Semi-annual)
  • Family Social: $135/month. (Food minimum $250 Semi- annual)
  • Junior Family Social: $110/month. (Food minimum $250 Semi-annual)  
  • Non-Resident: $525/annual (pre-paid, 50+ mile resident)
Add Golf Privileges

Several options are available for individuals and families and include unlimited driving range and course access. 

  • Individual $240/month
  • Junior Individual $205/month
  • Family $305/month
  • Junior Family $265/month
Membership Combinations

Combining the features of our individual Social and Golf programs, our family plans allow access that aligns with your current needs and provides flexibility to expand as those needs change.

  • Individual Social and Individual Golf: $345/month
  • Junior Family Social and Individual Golf: $315/month
  • Junior Family Social and Family Golf: $375/month
  • Family Social and Individual Golf: $375/month
  • Family Social and Family Golf: $440/month
Important Notes
  • Junior membership means that ALL adults on the membership are under 36 years old. 
  • Family social membership is required for any household that has more than one resident. 
  • F/B Minimum is semi-annual. Food only. Does not include any special events. 
  • Social members may play golf twice per quarter. They must pay guest green fees. 
  • A non-resident is anyone who lives 50+ miles from the Club. 
  • Non-resident members may play golf but must pay guest green fees. 
  • Any member that resigns membership/privileges may not reinstate for twelve months. 


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